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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Painting Samnite Infantry

Roughly how I painted Italian Allied Legionaries:
  • Base coat with GW Tallern Flesh. 
  • Paint tunics various colours.
  • Paint armour, helmets, standard with VJ Brass.
  • Paint spear shafts Bronzed Flesh.
  • Paint Feathers black.
  • Paint leader's cloak with dark grey.

  • Apply GW Delvan Mud Wash.
  • Highlight skin with GW Tallern Flesh (face with GW Elf Flesh).
  • Highlight tunics with original colours.
  • Highlight armour, helmet and standard with VJ Old Gold.
  • Apply GW Flesh Wash to spear shafts.
  • Dry brush leader's cloak light grey.
  • Base coat spear tips and swords black, paint with GW Chainmail. 
  • Shields, base coat GW Deneb Stone/Bleached Bone/Space Wolves Grey, GW Mud Wash, highlight original colour.
  • Shield boss base coat with GW Boltgun Metal, highlight GW Mithril Silver.